User Journey Map

Role: Research, Collaboration Lead
Timeline: 1.5 months (V1+V2)

Working in product teams taught me how valuable it is to encourage everyone to think about customer/user journeys and continually consider the bigger picture. We might improve the conversion rate in one part of the experience, but what matter is the entire funnel/journey. To me, that's how I always mapped the customer journey to the product performance, and that's why engineers I worked with love to know about customer journey.




At Man Crates, for our product development we needed to know what is the common user journey for gift givers and what are their pain points, so as we’re developing ideas in an agile environment, we can refer to a consistent flow of activities and mindset. 



In situations like this, the best thing that can help the entire team is to have a user journey mapping that describes all aspects of the user interaction in a problem domain is to consider their journey way earlier in their process. For this problem, I partnered with our Marketing team. We designed and ran so many surveys to understand the persona and dive deep into their journey. We collected all the information we had on top of the surveys, and we tried to share them in a brainstorming session, including 5 of us.
As the product design lead, I was leading that process to help everyone challenge every piece of our qualitative knowledge. We wanted to know if people have a specific pain point, who does that pain point connect to the channel they're using, and how should we frame that pain point in our journey mapping so that it's understandable for everyone reading it.
We went through a few iterations of doing the same process, finalizing the journey stages and running them with other stakeholders. As part of this process, we had to all learn more about storytelling as a technique and focus on a valid user story, not just an anecdotal insight. This helped us to get over the primary challenge, which was to lead everyone to focus on actual research results and not their guesses from the market. 
At the end I collected all the results and created the entire user journey in Sketch. Then printed 5 of them in large size and we posted them on the walls in our Engineering, marketing, product and warehouses walls.



What's the journey that our gift givers are going through while shoppings for their love ones?


User Journey Mapping


Product and Marketing team at Man Crates