Puzzle Box Gift, Digital Experience

Role: UX, UI, Design Studio Lead
Timeline: ~1 month

Gift giving can sometimes be challenging, but at Man Crates our mission was to make the best gift giving experience by adding high-level of personal touch to the gift givers and gift recipients experience. Puzzle Box gifts are one of the most engaging gifts anyone can receive, and we wanted to make it unique and let gift recipient solve puzzles in both physical and digital experiences to unlock their gifts.




We’ve designed a new physical product called Puzzle Box Gift Card. In order to let our gift recipients solve their puzzle and get to the prize we needed to have a digital experience that is walking them through the process to let the them unlock their gift. 



I conducted a Design Sprint including members of product team, merchandising, creative and marketing. We spent one week for the design sprint, one week for polishing the design and cleaning up the copywriting and one week for development and testing the final product. In this project we scheduled 6 onsite user testing and it helped my team with polishing the final product and experience.


Design Sprint, Sketch day, Voting

Design Sprint, finalizing the flow and defining puzzle hints

The Houdini Character


One this that stood out in all of our works at Man Crates was to try making the entire experience delightful, which was our key to create a unique gift experience. For this project, since the Puzzle Box gift originally had some mysterious magical theme, I used a lot of simple fun animations that can be load quickly in the mobile browser. My favorite one is when gift recipients try to get a hint, and we show a pop-up, and the mysterious eye constantly blinks at them. You can try the digital experience live here.

Wrong Answer!


Based on the clues that a gift recipient can find in the physical puzzle box, there are steps that they will take in the digital app to enter the answers to unlock the stage. Much time those answers could be wrong, and we wanted to add some game feel to it. That's why I came up with this simple animation. The animation will stop after three shakes, and they're able to try another answer.


How might we be able to create a delightful mobile experience for Puzzle Box gift recipients, so that they can receive a physical gift and unlock it digitally? 


Design Sprint, User Testing (On-site), Paper prototype


Merchandising team, product team and creative team at Man Crates.