Gift Reminder Program

Role: Research, UX, Design Sprint Facilitator
Timeline: 1.5 months (V1)

With our busy lifestyles, there are events that we may sometimes forget about. Even if we have our Facebook account to remind us who's a birthday, it is, in gifting we don't have super smart tools to know everything and help us plan. We knew there must be a better solution, that's why we launched our Gift Reminder tool at Man Crates.



At Man Crates we already had an MVP of a gift reminder using Typeform, and it was creating an excellent retention flow. There were so many usability problems especially when it comes to mobile experience, and during our user interviews, we found out customers have a hard time filling the form to get their discount and plan a future gift. We wanted a new flow within our platform that is helping our customers to create more reminders per order, and we wanted to have more customer creating reminders, simple metrics, but hard to improve! 




Hearing Sessions


Before getting started with the design sprint, I wanted to make sure we can have a better understanding of the whole gift planning concept. In this case, I decided to hold a few phone "Hearing Sessions" so that I can have answers to these questions about gift giver behavior:
1- What are some of the reasonings and motivations behind the actions they are taking?


2- What are their reactions to specific events in this context, based on their unique stories?


3- And what are their general guiding principles when planning gifts for their loved ones?
Having an answer to these three major questions were the key for me to gain an initial empathy. I summarized my findings in a presentation so that I can share them as a lightning talk at the beginning of our design sprint.



Design Sprint
I defined steps to go into a Design Sprint with the Retention squad and run through the Design Sprint steps to come up with something that we can test during valentine's day. Here are the steps we took to get to a final solution:


  • Share outcomes of listening sessions (Lightning talk 1)
  • Lightning talk 2 and HMW note taking
  • HMW note sharing and voting
  • Defining golden path, metrics and design principles
  • Sharing examples
  • Sketching and sharing and voting
  • Defining the flow final flow, focusing on mobile users
  • Designing in Sketch and creating InvisionApp prototype
  • Add interactive elements and animations
  • Test the flow using on-site user testing sessions
  • Cleaning up the flow and final copywriting round
  • Handoff to the engineer in the squad





As part of the process, each of us individually had to go through sketching experiences. I love this part of the process because it allows everyone to come up with ideas and it's not just the designer in the team who is doing all the ideation. From my experience, most of the time the ideas came from my other teammates who are not designers, and that's what fascinating about cross-functional design sprint.

My initial sketches

After going through the sketching process individually, it was time to share it with each other and vote.

Design Sprint, Sketching day, sharing and voting

Design Flow


Setting a reminder seemed to require thinking deep about the flow. From the beginning, I knew this would be a challenging part for us, but the good news was, we had our selected sketches, and we had a good idea of the user journey through this process. We just had to make sure we're putting screens in a flow that makes sense from the architectural perspective. I believe we couldn't pass this step without our lead engineer who helped us to consider the Database requirements.

Final flow that we all agreed on for reminder set up



We wanted to make our reminder process to be uniquely fun. We knew we don't have much time, but there were things we could do and still make the process delightful. We tried to understand what are the most critical places (from the knowledge we had in the Typeform results) in the flow, and we added some fun animations to those steps.
  • Popcorns Flying

    Added this to the end of the process to encourage them watch a video about our Customer Service.

  • Champagne Glasses

    For asking them about the anniversary date, in case if they're setting up gifts for a significant other

  • Birthday

    Added this gift, when we were asking about the guy's birth date so set up a bday gift reminder.

Page load for setting up birthday

Final Screens and Deliverable

Besides all the animations shown above, I had to create a prototype that shows the entire flow including the errors and edge case so that we can test them and also our engineers could have a reference to develop the project. I used Sketch for all the design tasks and InvisionApp for prototyping and testing. 
If you're interested to see the product in action, you can use this link to create gift reminders. (you need to create an account first)

Loading screen, while saving data into database

Setting Anniversary


How might we help gift givers plan their future gifts better in a way that it also creates an X percent more retention rate for our business?


Design Sprint, User Testing (On-site), Prototype


Product team members and Marketing manager at Man Crates.