Features Prioritization, Kano Model

Role: Research
Timeline: 2 weeks (including the analysis)



As a legal labor marketplace at UpCounsel,  one our biggest tasks was to make sure our attorneys are able to grow their business and have higher performances in the community. 
The attorney operations team had a big stack of potential perks and features to be offered for the attorneys in our network. They wanted to make sure we're picking the features and perks that are really solving big problems for our attorneys. That's why I joined them as the product researcher to help them run this research.


In this research, I used the Kano Model to define which one of the 16 features/perks are in the Must-Be, Performance, Attractive, or Indifferent categories. For that purpose, I had to create the survey and helped the team to develop the feature list in a way that it follows the Kano structure.
We know that running Kano questionnaires are always robust because users should answer to a lot of questions, so it was so important how to message the recruitment email and how to approach our community so they can really connect to the fact that this will be crucial for the future of our attorney experience. Once I collected the responses, I ported them into the excel document that I created to analyze the test and graded the functional and dysfunctional aspects of each feature. In the end, I finalized the results and produced the report and presented that to the stakeholders.
But it's not the end, we always need to follow up interviews to understand why some feature made it to specific categories. So I recruited about 10 attorneys to go to interview calls and went deeper into the "Why" behind their responses.


What are the must-be, performance and attractive features that we can offer to our attorneys?


Kano Model questionnaire paired with User Interviews.


Product team and Operations team at UpCounsel.