Attorney Sourcing, Internal Tool

Role: UX, UI, Interaction
Timeline: 2 weeks

The use of labor marketplaces is overgrowing, but what matters most from the operational perspective, is to make sure the sourcing process fits the industry. In Uber's case, matching happens right in the app, and they call it a self-serve marketplace. However, some markets cannot be entirely self-serve. Imagine in the legal industry you randomly get assigned to a lawyer that doesn't know you well, especially if you're a medium size business or an enterprise.




At UpCounsel, to assign attorneys to our higher quality projects, the customer success team needed to have some internal tool to quickly tackle the assignment and set up consulting phone calls between the clients and attorneys, while they're supporting the client over the phone. They wanted to make sure there is a tool that not only has all the knowledge about the potential attorneys, but also it's a single-page tool with a solid user experience for our Customer Success team, so they are not confused, and the device enables them to save time. 



To come up with a solution, since it was an internal tool, I first sat down on some phone calls so that I can understand the flow, then I interviewed the stakeholders, and I hold a cross-functional brainstorming session. This session helped us to come up with a rough wireframe. 
Then it was my responsibility to take it from there and turn that to an internal tool using our design guideline for internal tools. Once I designed the features, I created a prototype using Figma and tested that with the customer success team members. That made us go through some iterations so that we can finally come up with a version that solves their problem. 
As another important part of the process, I had to continually review the design with the development team, since we wanted to use React to create this single-page internal tool and we had to make sure the plan is something that is in the scope. This also helped the development team to start building the framework much earlier in the process, and we save much time down the road.



Temp Box for Adding Attorneys

One of the most critical tasks in this single-page app is run so many searches to find related attorneys and add them to a queue to set consulting time. This could cause many complications in the flow. The approach I took was instead of making it a whole process, add an element in the page that temporarily hold the select attorneys, even if the CS member updates the search, the selected attorneys still stay in the temp box.
During my stakeholder interviews, I noticed having access to the full detailed context of every attorney matters to our CS members. Just once they're finished with the selection process, they can finalize the list right there from the temp box and add them to the job. This feature entirely allows this product to be a single-page and avoid moving away from the context. 


What would be an internal tool for the customer success team that allows them to connect clients to attorneys while they're on the call?


Stakeholder interview User Testing, Design Studio


The Product team and the customer success team at UpCounsel.