Attorney Profile Page

Role: Research, UX, UI
Timeline: 2 weeks

In every labor marketplace, when choosing from the list of experts, there are so many different attributes that clients care about. However, we know how important it is to make that personal connection, we want to make it feel honest, confident, reliable and easy to digest and compare. Profile pages in labor marketplaces are like professional resumes, and what makes it more challenging is everyone reviewing those pages differently and it's complicated to reflect that behavior with one solution.




To allow the clients selecting the best qualified attorneys, at UpCounsel, we had to make sure that the information architecture of attorney profile pages are completely supporting the clients' needs. After reviewing the traffic data and the conversion metrics, we noticed although that we get a lot of traffic on the attorney pages, the conversion doesn't not look as good as some of the other pages. Also, from other previous research I've done, we noticed there are some potential information that we should show about our attorneys and help the clients with decision making. After evaluating these concern with our PM and our Attorney Operation team, we decided to create a new look for our attorney pages, something that can truly represent their expertise.



As the first step to come up with a solution, besides of evaluating the metrics in these pages, I started watching many sessions using Hotjar to collect as many possible stories and journeys, so that we can understand what the user interaction with the profile pages is. Not surprisingly, I noticed our reviews are getting much attention. For that reason that helped to dive deeper into the client reviews and see how can we present client reviews in a way that it allows them to understand the quality of an attorney deeply.
On the other hand, we had a lot of other quality-indicator attributes for every attorney, things like their activities on UpCounsel, their Fortune 500 experience, their response quality, and their attorney badges. We had to rethink about their placement since we just randomly added them over the time and the current page could not indeed show the values, and when we were asking about those from our users, they even didn't know that information exists.
One thing that helped us to prioritize the elements in the page was to run a card sorting session. After the first initial wireframe and reviewing it with stakeholders, I came up with the design for the profile pages and tested them using UsabilityHub and by moderated user testings, using to recruit users and to run the sessions.



Client Reviews

When clients finish a project with an attorney, they're able to leave comments and review the attorneys from a different perspective. So what I tried to do was not only to position that information the right place in the profile page, but also I focused on the aspect of the reviews and highlighted them on top. During our test session, I noticed clients love how bright the review summary is.


Attorney Practice Areas


While attorneys work in a lot of legal areas, there are always a few legal areas that they have their most focus on those, and they master their process in those projects. They wanted our platform to help them optimize their time all the time, and sometimes they were receiving contacts from clients about projects that are related to their experience, but not a top 3 experience area. In this solution, I tried to represent the practice area experience in a straightforward form, where clients could easily understand if an attorney does much work in a specific legal domain. 
During our research we noticed users have a hard time ready pie chart data, that's why instead of pie chart, I decided using a very simple representation and put the most practiced area on the left, and it seemed to be a very logical representation for our test users.



How might we create a profile page that not only helps the clients to evaluate attorneys accurately but also create a higher conversion rate?


User Testing, Observation using Hotjar, User Testing, Surveys


The Product team at UpCounsel.