Attorney-Client Workspace

Role: UX, UI
Timeline: 2 weeks



An Important part of every labor marketplace is where the one who hires and the one who's getting hired are working together. The more platform can help them to collaborate effectively, the higher chance we can get them back for retaining projects. At UpCounsel it was not any different. So I paired with our Senior PM and we worked to define the future of Virtual Workspace for the legal industry.



In my process I had to first look at hundreds of user session using FullStory and Hotjar so I can totally understand what are the behaviors in different attorney and client scenario. 
Then we sent out an screening survey to our clients ad attorneys separately to recruit a big group of them for user interviews to get an answer to our research question; how might we create an online tool that helps attorneys and clients to complete the legal work and come back for future needs. After the interviews we had our brainstorming sessions and came up with a prototype. Of course we had to run user testing sessions to validate the concept for future developments. I set up user testing sessions and used to run the sessions online with real users of our platform.


Proposed concept for client workspace

Client can create tasks (image below) directly from the left side and then communicate over each of them on the right side. The thing added in this concept was to take phone call setups as a task too, so attorneys and clients don't have to look many places to manage their relationship, everything in one place, exactly how it works in their real life communication.

Client creating a task to send a new document to be reviewed


How might we create an online tool that covers all the legal tasks between clients and attorneys, while creating a higher retention rate for the business?


User Interview, Online user testing, Design Sprint


Product team at UpCounsel.